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Rathlin Island is Northern Ireland's only inhabited off shore community. An area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it is an exceptional environment, where the frequent aftermath of the unforgiving storms from the Atlantic Ocean, twinned with strict environmental protection, has meant that a respectful Architectural response was key, to enable the provision of these 10 new social homes to blend seamlessly into this close knit and forward thinking Island community. 

Architectural forms and construction techniques that the people of Rathlin had employed for generations to mitigate the effects of the sometimes hurricane like conditions, wind skews, roughcast lime render & limestone walling to demarcate the ownership of their lands were used. 

Sustainability and Energy Conservation were key elements of the proposals. Measures were taken within the fabric of the build to provide Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 accredited status without the need for complex renewable technologies. 

This project has been awarded the CEF Environmental Sustainability Award and was shortlisted for the CEF Social Housing equivalent.