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GM Design Associates have provided an imaginative redesign and enhancement of one of the city’s most historic thoroughfares transforming Nailor’s Row into a way finding route and viewing point for tourists and an attractive rest area for local residents. The revamp, which is currently under construction, will create an enhanced & fluid pedestrian connection between Bishop Street Inner and Outer. The omission of the current extensive vehicular parking arrangement and replacement with a uniquely designed and historically referenced paving arrangement, twinned with the provision of indigenous soft landscaping and lighting design, will facilitate a major visual change and functional improvement for visitors and users to this prominent Urban Space. Sensitive to the conservation area, it will respect, complement and enhance the existing relationship with the Historic City Walls. Individually designed, Natural stone paving will replace bitmac surfacing on this ancient pathway which rests in the shadow of the double bastion. Automated retractable bollards using number plate recognition technology will massively reduce traffic allowing only authorized access, transforming what was a major parking dilemma in the City for some years, into a user friendly space that this historical site and City deserves.