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Galgorm Castle        The Courtyard Business Park          Omagh Innovation Centre        Forthriver Innovation Centre         55° North


Nestled in the historic but formerly overgrown and derelict walled garden of the Estate demesne, this project has become a major public attraction since its opening 2013. A 17,000sq.ft building encompasses a large shop, restaurant and administration area with an adjacent 11,000sq.ft covered display area. The existing rubble brick walls of the Castle’s walled garden have been repointed and exposed which ensures that the garden centre sits seamlessly in the backdrop of the 17th Century castle. The building integrates with the demesne Masterplan also developed by GM Design Associates which received Planning Approval.  Full length glazing to two of the restaurant walls provides views of the estate and neighbouring lake. Rainwater harvesting allows collection from the pitched roofs which is then used to water the various plants within the display areas.